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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

bug bite, leadership, and the pursuit of love

Explanation: This entry was started 1.5 weeks ago. Forgive the inconsistency in time expressed.

Today (1.5 weeks ago)  was the last of the three-month leadership class I've been taking at work, main campus. I shouldn't say this because there are human trolls that watch everything for inappropriate remarks but, damn was my teacher looking good for class number 6 (or 8?). Ya'll, that lady is cute. Fine. I studied her the first two weeks to see if I thought she liked girls. I swear a wedding ring popped up that second week. lol. I chatted with her one day; it was a test to see if I've ever learned to talk to pretty girls. I...well, okay. Anyhow, she wore a form fitting top that made her lovely breast look ginormous and again, a nipple was perky. That's all.

I did include "leadership" and not "lust" in the title but I think I'll end there. I mean, if I post what the class itself was about, those human troll scouts just might find me ;).

In other news....
Two Wednesdays ago, I took a homeless woman to search for housing. This is common with my position. Unfortunately, many apartment complexes have off site management so you call and they come over. On that day, we arrived many minutes before management. It didn't seem too terrible because it gave us time to call some folks from craigslist to inquire about their options. But, it involved being bitten many times by insects. One, fatal. Or not, but damn painful. Wednesday, I was biten. Friday evening I could barely walk. Saturday, I knew I had a problem. Sitting was even an issue. In this midst of this new burst of pain, a tooth started falling out chunk by chunk (Friday evening). Saturday morning, I learned it was a mixture of a filling and my toothe. Abscess, root canal needed, crown. blah. But it came with antibiotics. So, I took the amoxicillian prescribed by the dentist, used the hydrocortizone cream recommended by my love interest, and grunted through the pain. Tuesday, aka day 5 of level 10 pain, I couldn't take it anymore. Hell, I was probably about there on Monday but I wanted to give the antibiotic at least 3 days before deciding it wasn't helpful. My dental work was scheduled for Tue so I thought I'd go to the doctor on Wednesday. Due to pain, I did both on Tuesday. The doctor and I didn't discuss what bite me, but that is the question on everyone's mind. Again and again I explain, I only cared about getting rid of the pain. The bite grew into a tendor spot about 6 inches long and 4-6 inches wide depending on the spot. I was prescribed a stronger antibiotic and told to continue with warm compresses, hydrocortizone cream, and to add neosporin. UPDATE: The knot has shrunk small enough that having it lanceted isn't recommended... I hope that's right. It seemed to be hiding when I saw the doctor so he didn't really feel the true size of what remains. But I'm counting this issue as resolved and pray it stays as such. I'm not going back a 3rd time about a bug bite.

the pursuit of love
The new one is black, queen-sized but treats me as if I'm the queen. Warehouse work, own apartment, own car. 39, like my sister. Same name sometimes. (weird funny) Been dating 6 weeks now. Met on She wants to spoil me. I warn that I'm easy to be spoiled and then there's no going back. She met the bulk of my family Saturday but I don't like how that went. I've heard no complaints from them and there were moments when she interacted with others. She'll be with a smaller segment tomorrow for 4th of July. My sister and her 5 children + Love Interest are coming to Jackson for BBQ. The kids are staying until Sunday, when my mom will pick them up after going house shopping with me. SHE lives in Memphis, like my folk and several ex's. Actually, she lives down the street from Tammy, who lives 2 streets down and over from Memphis. New one I like but don't know how long it will last. Maybe a while. She isn't 100% on must have/can't stand but she has good traits I never thought to imagine. My insides aren't running.


  1. "she has god traits I never thought to imagine." Those are the reasons our list fail us. Let a love interest show up with a few divine qualities and we will let go of what might have stopped us.

    You have been way busy. Grrl, have fun. Be pampered. Let her set the standard for being loved well, not matter how long it last.