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Sunday, November 13, 2011

adrenal fix 1, 2, 3...

My instructions on how to "fix" my adrenals and not be so drained?
(1) Exercise more
(2) Sleep more
(3) Eat less carbs
(4) Take more pills

My realization, once I stopped exercising and quite the allergy elimination diet, was that taking the pills was not enough. Well, pills & sleep. I love to sleep.

This week, stomach virus put me on my ass for days. as I recovered from that, I returned to exercising. Slowly. and I reached my 3 days/wk goal. The first day, I felt like shyt so I talked myself into 10 minutes, then a 2 minute cool down. Then I decided I'm okay with resuming there. 12 minutes, 2.5 wlk. Today, I bumped it to 3.0 'cause 2.5 is for sissies (so is 3, btw). Today, I feel proud. It wasn't much. It was like a place-holder and I kept going back.

The plan? This coming week 3.0 for 22 minutes. Then, 30 minutes.

I didn't have a plan when I got on the treadmill but I did have my inspiration poster staring me in the face.

I've been gravitating towards the Marathon shots.

One is from Minnie, an inspiration I found a while back while searching for blogs from other ppl with fibromyalgia. She is in fabulous shape. amazing. She disappeared from her blog just after I found her; now she's back... and starting over fitness-wise. That inspires me too. She was able to do so much. I'm always amazed by how quickly runners lose their endurance. anyhow, Minnie is basically doing couch potato to runner kind of plan. She's at 4 minutes of walking, 1 minute of running. We're starting over together.

This is the other marathon photo I have.

I like the look of her strength. I think, in part, I like these shots because they represent hard work and training, goal met. achievement.


  1. You Go Girl!

    Starting over brings its own excitement. Here's to today with its joys, pleasures, and challenges. It reminds us we are still in the game. After a day relaxing, I am off to body pump, again, this evening.

    I'll say one thing, being on vacation has kept me way more active that I could have been in my previous life. I plan to keep it going when I get back home.

    hugs and love...

  2. It is true! That's why I subscribe to the belief that one needs vction from vction :D. I 'm so grateful my body allowed me to enjoy Sn Diego s I did 'cause Lord knows I was active. I explored every chnce I hd.