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Friday, July 15, 2011

Snappy Tomato Pizza

Thursday, Monica and I went to Snappy Tomato Pizza. The guy that fixed my garage a while back told me it was good so it's been on my list of places to try. Sadly, it's not a local restaurant and it's also not as good as the non-local Milano's that I love in Memphis. What Snappy's has to its advantage is creativity. Monica and I agreed: the bacon and potato pizza was the best of what we tried. Yes, you read that right-- bacon and potato-- kind of like a baked potato, don't you think? The drawback of it was how greasy the crust was. With most greesy pizza, you can soak up some of the excessive grease by laying a napkin on top of your slice. Snappy's CRUST was greasy, not the cheese and topping area. Maybe I should have placed the napkin on my crust instead? A second sampling is needed to confirm that the crust is generally greasy and it's not just something about the potato and bacon pizza that makes its crust greasy. Either way, it's good and I mostly stopped noticing the extra grease as I continued to eat. It's far better pizza than Ci Ci's or Stevie's, both pizza buffet chains. The other big surprise at Snappy's: pickles on pizza. I LOVE pickles. Some would have thought that I would have asked for this years before but no. Pickles on pizza did not peek my my interest. At Snappy, I glanced and thought I was getting pizza with green peppers. Only when it was in my mouth did I notice the salty thrill of pickles (Monica made the same observation mistake. Don't laugh. It wasn't just me. She also liked the pizza.) If I were to grade it, I'd give Snappy Tomato Pizza a B. It gets an A for creativity. Eating the "normal" pizzas that you can get anywhere isn't very appealing at this location for an adventurous eater, nor did my senses find them as delicious after such exciting alternatives. Still, the pizza itself is good but not great. I'll continue to search for fabulous pizza in Jackson as I'm truly a pizza girl. Over and out.

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