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Sunday, November 14, 2010

this week in review

I did art show #2 last week. Art for Hope is an annual fundraiser hosted by Hope House, a nonprofit that works with children with HIV/AIDS. The sells were slower than I anticipated, but that was true for everyone, so I'm pleased with my overall sells. I sold about 4 5x7s (turtles, dog, an uncle), 3 blank note cards (photo on cover), & 1 wallet (turtles). Cindi came to town to help me with this ordeal. Thank God for Cindi. She came down on Wednesday and we stayed up to 2am cutting pictures, signing pictures, etc. Here's a shot of me at the show:

Tammy dumped me again. Then we made up. Now we're exploring the Myers-Briggs together. I'm an INTJ; she's an ISFJ. I'm not sure what's gonna happen when I move to Jackson in January. I think she's considering a long-distance relationship but I can't say we're committed to it. At first, we said it wouldn't work because of her T-Sat work schedule vs my Mon-Fri schedule. Other people have helped me realize that it can.

Jackson-- did you notice that I said Jackson? VA Hospital is offering me a job in Jackson, TN as the HUD VASH Social Worker in that area. Yea for opportunities?

Saturday, I had a movie night at my place courtesy of James. It was fun. We watched Godfather, which isn't great imo, but I enjoyed having people over. It was only him, Tammy, & Cindi but it was me with a group of friends. yea! I don't look forward to loneliness in Jackson where I know no one :/.

enough for now. ciao!

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