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Monday, August 2, 2010


I just sold $45 worth of photographs. Wow! This moment is now on my lists of best moments ever. Me? Little ol' me and my lazy work? My smile is humongous. And, I get to donate 15% of that to charity as part of the deal. Beautiful. My first sales:

I also got an order from my dad for a 8 x 10 of him. He's the only one from my family that came to my art opening. It was SO good to have him there. I was hoping that he'd take his inclusion as love. Maybe he did? Whatever the exact response, he's impressed. He liked his photograph and didn't look at it and instantly know that it was him. He wants a large copy of it so he can post it at home and people will come over without even knowing it's him. He plans to have a frame built for it.

We still didn't discuss the gay thing. He came.

And my friends are the best. Six of them came to support me. I feel loved.

Last night, it was great hearing how people discussed my pictures, the details they saw, the adjectives they used! It's amazing to see your work through someone else's eyes. I don't know that I've ever done that before. I usually get, "How'd you do that?" (stop motion), "Amy takes really great photos," "That's not a good picture of me," "That's a really good picture of him" et cetera. Last night was different. People talked about color, background details, light.... It was fantastic. Fantastic. Marvelous.

I wonder what my first arts & craft fair will be like :D.

Last night, I thanked Cindi on facebook for getting me here. I think she got me. Thanks again, (non-reading) C. And thank you Julia for putting this whole thing together and letting me participate. And thanks Will for your dedication to the Community Center and supporting such diverse programming. And thanks wonderful Audrey for having the book club and giving me a reason to regularly go to the Center and feel connected. Thank you reader for your photo vote. Untitled was the shot of choice at the art show as well.

Ah. This is becoming a long post. I'll stop now but do know that I would have thanked you too if I only I kept talking. Blessed Be.

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  1. This is so cool. I read all the things I missed recently. I do hope you will be able to make it to our next scheduled reunion. I think you need a break. Hopefully, the break won't be more stressful than you need it to be. Good luck with finding a job that suits your needs better.