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Saturday, February 16, 2013

the gluten test

Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday were my days to test gluten.
Day 1: no pain. Gluten in salad dressing and rice for dinner.
Day 2: oatmeal, rice, chicken fingers. some pain, nothing major. Until I got up for the restroom during the night. Gluten is one reason for the knots in my calves.
Day 3: oatmeal, vegan alfredo (pasta), & fried pork chops. Pelvic pain. Pain when going up stairs.
Saturday: should have been a day to return to the control stage but instead Tomika & I had a cookout. Awesome. I ate dairy, nightshade (beans, smoked sausage- everything else i had was nightshade-free), gluten, soy, nitrates, sugar. I'm hopeful that I'm still in shape to test my next category (nitrates) beginning Thursday.  I have a smoke sausage and beans for tomorrow but then I'll return to abstinence. My hot dogs are nitrate free so my only nitrates were the smoked sausage.

For a minute, I thought that I finally found something I can eat. hahahaha. I'm ruling it a positive, though perhaps not as severe as dairy & nightshade plants.

Onward, forward!

This time, I will identify some ways to make some changes forward. One thing is to limit myself to 4 frozen meals per week, compared to my norm of 5 biweekly. That's 6 less per month.

Blessed Be.

EDIT: I've also become angrier this week. A few people have been brave enough in the past to tell me my personality is better when I am on the allergen elimination diet. In part because of their strange comments and in part because I do not want to be mean to Tomika when she has done nothing to deserve it, I notice that my insides have been darker this week. At the same time, work life has gone down in ways with a climax hitting this week. That could be why I'm angry because work makes me FUCKING ANGRY right now. * deep breath * But here I enter the note. It might be useful at a later examination point.

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