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Friday, March 2, 2012

wise speech in blog?

This week and next, I commit to reading How to be Sick: A Buddhist Inspired Guide for the Chronically Ill and their Caregivers. Chapter 16 is focusing on wise speech. The Buddah's teaching on wise speech is often summed as, "Speak only when what you have to say is true, kind, and helpful." What if one compares a blog, or this blog specifically, to wise speech? What I say is either true or my subjective truth on it. What I say is not always kind; often, it is not unkind or it is unkind but purposeful. Helpful? That makes me laugh. What jumps out is wise speech is not whining or venting and I often use this blog to vent. I generally write this blog as if no one is reading and frankly, not many folks are. My agreement for this blog has always been to write for me. When I was a child, I had Lisa Frank (diaries), then beautiful paper journals, now this. The agreement to self and the test for wise speech do not mesh well. Could it be because wise speech is very much an external thing-- which things do I let past my filters into the public spear-- while "dear diary" is an internal thing, something historically thought of as not to be shared with others? Ummmm. I have no conclusion, only an observation. Ragan's blog is true, not kind but purposeful, and helpful. Citizen's K's blog is more like stuff than words-- physical stuff is true in that it is there, it is kind as love radiates from her works, and really (mostly), the stuff is helpful to those gifted with it or those that choose said purchase. Maria whom I love's blog is true, it's not un-kind, and often it is helpful. When telling about one's life, I think the challenge to be helpful is tough--- unless it is considered helpful to pin words to a virtual page so that others who care can see what is going on with you. I suppose in that respect, Maria's blog is always helpful and mine too. lol. Again, I laugh when applied to self. Truth is not always kind. What an interesting pairing to put in this summation of wise speech. It also talks about proper timing-- perhaps there is kindness in that.

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  1. True. Kind. Helpful.
    Two out of three ain't bad. In all honesty, I really do consider whether I come off as kind, but then I weight that against the telling the truth. Then I remember, you will know the truth and the truth will make you mad.

    Listening to my father struggle to breathe, being bawled out and dismissed by my sister, feeling abandoned in a vat of ignorance has pushed up plenty of old feelings that need to be flushed and that stuff is messy.

    So, I blog about where I am, as often as I can agree to "pen" the thoughts. On the other hand, there are all those going back home movies that address familial dysfunction.

    Back to speaking with kindness. Five of the six siblings will be gathered Saturday for the funeral. The self-appointed queen of everything has been calling around backtracking in the place where she refused to show up. Controlling my thoughts and tongue is the goal for this time. Kindness - let peace begin with me.