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Saturday, March 19, 2011

I could tell you the details of what happened for Tammy to leave me but live tellings indicate that you'd be bored and go elsewhere. Instead, I will give you my hypotheses of why:

1. She didn't want to drive to Jackson so much

2. She had feelings for her ex and I asked her to stop talking to her b/c the girl (literally) threatened me

3. She didn't want to be with me so she said I didn't want to be with her and left

4. She didn't think it would work out so she left now instead of later when it would be more difficult

5. I'm unlovable

6. She thinks I should be with someone else, though this other person has not been identified. Related, it might be that she does not think she is "good" enough for me or the "right" person. She's told me many times she's not who I want.

7. Bad _ _ _, too much _ _ _, lack of _ _ _, adventurous _ _ _

Side question: If your vagina wore clothes, what would it wear?

8. I hurt her in the past, probably by hanging out with C last year, so she got deeper into my heart and hurt me. Revenge.

9. It was a game. It= our relationship. I don't get it.

10. I'm too old for her. Old=sick


  1. I'm sorry you're hurting, dear. I know it's not much but, sending you love from Little Rock.

  2. Number five definitely isn't true, and she's a fool if any of the rest is true to her emotions.

    hugs. I'm sorry hon.

  3. That's so sweet, J. She says none of them are true. We're again in that weird spot where we're like together but without the label. I'll give it time and see.

  4. I hope time works well for you two.

    On your side note, I'm pretty sure mine would be a nudist.

  5. Now how did I know you'd like that? :-p

    You haven't answered your own question, btw.

  6. leopard print and thongs with soft pants

  7. I think to you often, empowered by the courage of your words on the page. My heart speaks loudly, yet I find that I am timid and analytical as I write. You are my strong, powerful, wonderful, loving and deeply lovable sister. Fare well and know that this moment is but another colorful thread woven in the tapestry of your life.

    Hugs on both sides...long loving gaze as we pass...