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Thursday, September 30, 2010

viva la vida loca

Friday, I Went to DC On a business trip. Wed, i hopped on a bus to NY That I Booked Tue. In NY, I ASKED strangers for help in getting to where Tue'S BOOKED tour bus would pick me up. EXHAUSTED from carrying luggage, i got on the bus. That night, ingy from college picked me up and let me hang with her peeps for a min before crashing on her couch. Today, she is going to take me to greyhound where i will buy a ticket to maryland. i just confirmed a pick up from that bus station. Still to come, i need to get from MD to DC for my morning flight home. I've been living a day at a time, trying to stay 1 step ahead of my needs. I don't know about this new style of living where i just pick up my things and go.

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